New Charter?

How to establish a link

  1. Select a committee of interested individuals or a sponsoring group to screen applicants and set a time and place for a meeting. You may also work with engineering seniors and the dean of the engineering college.
  2. Obtain materials from the National Headquarters, including the Application for Charter, or from the website. Complete the application and turn into the National Headquarters for Chair approval.
  3. Invite and approve applications from candidates for the Order. For each candidate:
    1. Supply a copy of the Code of Regulations which states the purpose, the prerequisites for membership, and the plan of the Order.
    2. Get the ring size of the candidate and stress the importance of attendance at a ring ceremony.
    3. Supply a copy of the Obligation of an Engineer.
    4. Member shall be voluntary and offered to:
      1. Graduates in engineering from engineering curricular accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET;
      2. Seniors in ABET-accredited engineering curricula within two academic terms of graduation;
      3. Licensed professional engineers;
      4. Members of the Canadian Calling by reciprocity;
      5. Special engineers who, by reason of education, eminence, or experience, are deemed worthy of the Order. [The National Board of Governors reserves the privilege of approving engineers who fall under this category.]
  4. Select a time and place for the Ring Ceremony. The ceremony may be held in conjunction with a technical or engineering meeting, or it can be a separate affair. In any case, it must be carried out with dignity and orderly procedure. For example, it could be part of a certificate presentation, commencement week activity, Engineers’ Week activity, or a purely social gathering.
  5. The public is invited to the ceremony. Spouses may accompany the candidates. Guests may be present, but only engineers being inducted take part in the Ceremony. A short reception after the meeting is recommended.
  6. Have certificates inscribed with the names of the recipients, and have an adequate supply of ring sizes on hand. Rings and certificates can be purchased in advance from The Order of the Engineer, PO Box 25473, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. If ring sizes cannot be determined in advance, headquarters will be glad to provide you with a standard order of 50, 100, 150, or 200 rings and certificates.
  7. Invite at least three engineers who already wear the Engineers’ Ring to assist in the ceremony. One of these should conduct the induction. Members of the present local or National Board of Governors, or leaders in places where the ceremony has been held will be glad to assist you in the service. The headquarters of The Order of the Engineer in Scottsdale, AZ will be glad to put you in touch with qualified persons.
  8. The ceremony should include:
    1. A statement of the history and purpose of the Order;
    2. Acceptance of the Obligation, repeated by all candidates while standing, and led by the presiding member;
    3. Presentation of the certificate and ring. The inductees come forward as their names are called, are greeted by the presiding members, and receive their rings, the symbol of the Order. If eminent engineers are to be inducted, they may be recognized first and then asked to assist in greeting the others;
    4. A final charge should be given by the presiding member, calling attention to the significance of the Obligation and the honor of the calling [see Reference Samples];
    5. A reception should be held following the ceremony for members of the Order and their guests.
  9. After the first ceremony in a locality, email the list of inductees into the National Headquarters. A Charter will then be issued to your organization (local society of professional engineers or engineering college) as a new Link (local chapter) of the Order.
  10. Immediately following your ceremony, send the list of inductees’ full names and dates of induction to National Headquarters. The inductees will then be entered into the national membership roster.
  11. A permanent board of governors of several members of the Order should be established immediately after the first ceremony in a locality. This group should maintain a roster of inductees for the Link, screen new applicants, and make arrangements for future Ring Ceremonies.
  12. The National Board of Governors of the Order of the Engineer was organized to operate on a national, state, or regional scale, formulating a code of regulations, incorporating and copyrighting the Order, and acting as a resource group for those who wish to conduct an induction in their area. The National Board of Governors will assist in every way possible to answer the questions of those interested, and will be diligent in maintaining the dignity and the discipline of the Order of the Engineer.
  13. The Executive Director of the National Board of Governors is empowered to represent the Board in matters relating to the formation of new Links. Supplies for the formation of new Links and the continuation of established Links are available through the office of the Executive Director, or may be downloaded from the website a