Find Your Local Link of the Order

Ceremonies are held across the United States at which qualified engineers are invited to accept the Obligation of the Engineer and a stainless steel ring. The ceremonies are conducted by local sections or chapters, otherwise known as Links of the Order.

Outstanding Link Coordinators

Link Coordinators who have provided exemplary and consistent service to The Order are recognized annually.


Ronda Girardeau, University of South Alabama, Link 216
Melissa Brown, University of Kentucky, Link 132
Dr. Roger Lindgren, Oregon Institute of Technology, Link 186
Douglas Taylor, Fresno Branch of ASCE, Link 195


Erin Garcia-Reyes, NSPE, Link 220


Thomas Mulinazzi, University of Kansas, Link 131
David E. James, Nevada Society of Professional Engineers, Link 154


Sue Niezgoda, Gonzaga University, Link 279


Jerry Bayless, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Link 13
Charlina Daitouah, The College of New Jersey, Link 261


Raymond Cook, University of New Hampshire, Link 148
Gregory Bucks, University of Cincinnati, Link 142
Laurie Bonini, University of Wyoming, Link 103


Dr. Nirmala Gnanapragasam, Seattle University, Link 245
Catherine Burton, University of South Florida, Link 113
Jamie Perez, Texas Tech University, Link 165


Nancy Barr, Michigan Technological University, Link 104
Dr. Roger Babcock, Jr., University of Hawaii at Manoa, Link 51
Gina O’Brien-McLelland, Northeastern University, Link 108
Thomas C. Roberts, Kansas State University, Link 158